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The Benefits of a Mobile Dental Clinic

Freedom to do what you do.


Our Mobile Dental Clinic offers non-profit organizations and dentists the freedom to provide quality dental care whenever and wherever there are patients in need.   We bring the clinic to you!

20190319_132717 (1).jpg

  • Two fully-equipped treatment areas 

  • Statim sterilizer

  • Central dry suction

  • Central air compressor 

  • 3 Roof-mount air conditioners

  • Electric and LP heaters

  • Commercial generator to provide adequate power supply for all components

  • 110V and 12V lighting throughout

  • Self-contained fresh water system and city water/sewer hook-ups

  • Electric water heater

  • Commercial leveling system

  • Indoor and outdoor televisions 

For organizations


Many organizations would like to provide treatment to patients who face barriers to access to care but do not have the funding to buy a mobile clinic. With the Healthy Smiles Northwest RV you have the ability to provide this service for your community without breaking your budget. The clinic comes with a site coordinator to drive and set up the RV and maintain stock and supplies.

For Dentists


Your new customers are waiting...

Did you know that Americans spend 164M work hours getting dental care outside the office? And that’s just the 60% of them that actually go!  And over 60% of those 164M work-hours are actually spent traveling and waiting.  Your pop-up dental clinic will help solve some of these issues.  Employers will love you for hosting an onsite dental care day (or week) for their employees and their families!  Get them professional dental services right at their workplace.

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